Business partner alignment and projects portfolio
management lead to improved outcomes

"I need my Insights department to up its game if I am going to keep winning."; Journal of Advertising Research, CMO interview.

DecisionAdvancer™ supports improvement through two key components:

Smart Insights Brief

  • Structure aligns business needs with research objectives.
  • Build alignment at the design phase
  • Integrated how-to guides

Projects Portfolio Management

  • Insights implementation and business connection measurement
  • Future research opportunities retained
  • Timely, relevant reports
  • Past project searchability

DecisionAdvancer™ enables you and your team to be more:


  • Objectives and deliverables align based on strategic clarity
  • Recommendations made with more confidence
  • Avoid challenging post-report questions


  • Avoid "traffic jams" and poor resource allocation
  • Quickly identify opportunities for future research
  • Identify research/analytics contributions to business decisions


  • Make process improvements that support increased insights activation
  • Elevate credibility of research efforts and future work
  • Clients prepared to make better decisions

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