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InsightsCentral’s DecisionAdvancer™ provides proactive, Fortune 5000 insights leaders looking for new tools to drive better outcomes with a systematic approach to improve individual, team and company perforrmance.

Here’s how our platform can help key personnel meet their challenges.

Team – the Insights Leader

Finding the time to mentor, coach and inspire a staff is challenging under optimal circumstances. Factor in managing multiple projects with less resources, and tasked with interpreting and making sense of ever increasing sources of information & data, provides a leader with little time for mentoring.

Company – the CMO

Challenged by the executive team and Board of Directors to get ahead or stay ahead of the competition in a rapidly changing global market, the CMO is looking for the insights that provide a sustainable competitive advantage

Individual – the Insights Professional

Insights professionals need to move from being task driven to strategic driven. Working on projects under tight deadlines, the analyst doesn’t have time to reflect on how their assignment can impact the bigger picture, and can’t get enough time to seek guidance from a mentor.


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